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If your experience is all "inner", then you have not yet been born to the chaos of the outer.

From a pristine viewpoint in the materia prima ( consciousness vested in high spin, coopee paired space where no particles are free -- my definition) the outer world would be quite unusual.

I would say remain there!
There will be ideas available to you which outsiders could never envision ... Without guidance!

Orion ... The great 'male' presence in the Milkyway and to any who share our viewpoint in space.
Look closely at the very hi-resolution image of the great man, and you will see many faces, at leadt 2 birds(crows?), And in the head region several personalities!!

But look at any grand Hubble Book, and you will see the eyes are catered to in many areas. One wonderes where the good viewing area is for the Virgo Cluster!!

Blood Moon of S. America, mother of the Hero Twins. Our reverence (now in abu Dahabi) for twin towers?

Chronos, father of Zeus who regugitates at one time 6 siblings ... Good heavens, the daughters on the neck of the bull, Pleiades stars, seven chakras, seven seas, seven continents, 14 pieces of Osirus/Orion? Chronos creating standing waveforms somewhere' (?) from himself and his swallowed young?? Boggles the imagination, its down the rabbit hole stuff!!

Ferlinghetti said " No wonder they're all crazy, the parents wave tangles of string in their faces to explain the cosmos!". Cat's Cradle.

Kurt Vonnegut's book, Cat's Cradle -- some satire.

The chemical wedding of spirit and the alchemical machine of the body .. in the land of common matter, in the common universe removes many of our perspectives, I think.

Why we fear finding them again is a very troublesome point, like not saying the name of I am that I am ... (and I'm above and you're below -- he might add, but doesent.)

And there is that tree in the center of the galaxy ... And there is "let there be light" possibly the first galaxy and the first sin?

Will that keep you busy for a bit?

My books are less to the point, but my viewpoint is there, esp in Often hidden, Seldom Found .. a short story of an elder g^d rrscuing a bunch of naieve kids in over their heads. The names can be abreviated, if they slow you down.

Breath is the courser and
Mind is the rider.

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