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“According to the Max Planck Institute, the Universe is composed of 23% dark matter and 73% of dark energy. This dark energy is like an invisible nervous system that runs through the Universe connecting all things and beings. This energy is moved by vibration, frequency and resonance.
We all are beings of energy, thus of frequency. Our inner and outer worlds are resonance. Many scientists have been studying old cultures on energy, old knowledge from shamans and sages, from Mayas to India, Africa or Tibet. Tesla was just one more of them, maybe one of those who paid more attention though, being more sensitive to the frequency. Planck too. As Einstein wrote, empty space is not really empty. Shamans, sages and yogis who have looked within themselves have also realized that within the emptiness is unfathomable power, a web of information or energy that connects all things. This matrix has been called the Logos, the Higgs Field, the Primordial OM and a thousand other names throughout history and cultures. The main vibratory source that extends through all things, through the science of cymatics, the concept of the Logos, or the universe as sound and vibration itself.” From the book ‘I, Energy’

We just need to focus on this: This dark energy is like an invisible nervous system that runs through the Universe connecting all things and beings. This energy is moved by vibration, frequency and resonance. The greatest power.
This primary substance, like tiny invisible particles, travels trillions of times per second. From one being to another through this cosmic consciousness. The exact moment I think about you, you will receive the message. This is our own reality: the whole Universe is made of energy and communicates through frequency. Like an invisible nervous system connecting us all.
If you practice transcendental meditation, whenever your mind remains still, your consciousness is able to visualize the existence of this cosmic frequency. Consciousness is what drives the frequency that connects beings. Whenever you master your mind through meditation, you’ll be able to work with the energies and frequencies, so you can heal others. So you can connect with beings and souls on a higher level.

An ancient method of awakening the pineal gland is through meditation. And sound vibration. Both very clear and natural. If you pay attention to the Tibetan Bon tradition, the ancient Tibetan shamanism that is more than 18,000 years old, you will better understand the connection between nature, sound frequency and meditation. In fact, the Buddhist prayers are based on that. The main difference with the religious prayers and the Buddhist ones, are that while religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc use words with rational-mind meaning, in Buddhism they are sound-frequency. A specific sound that vibrates in your body to achieve a specific means. These sounds were based and created by monks who were in meditation and reached enlightenment, leaving their wisdom. But you too can create a prayer of sound vibration:

Focus on one of the elements in nature, and let’s start with a basic example: Water. When you think of water, you know that natural water is often cold, like water in oceans, seas and rivers. And it’s liquid. And you need to cool yourself down, because you’re in a very hot and dry place. So you close your eyes, visualize water… And create a sound-syllable that would come to your mind…
forget the word water itself, visualize it as crystal cold transparent liquid. If you think of water, the sound-syllables that come are “wa” and “ter”, which is not universal. If you’re Spanish, the sound-syllables that will come are A-Gua. Do you feel that by saying “Waaaaaa” you connect with water element itself?
Think about the Tibetan OM, or the AUM. When you recite it as OOOOOMMMMMM, you feel the vibration of it, it is a sound that comes from under your navel, and will spread frequency all over your body. It is the sound of silence. Of unification of elements. Of balance.
If you focus on your own body, where would you locate the element water inside of you? Chest? Belly? Legs? Head?
I just did this exercise myself once more. I cleared myself, went through transcendental meditation, and visualized Water. Water energy. Crystal, cold, transparent, liquid water. Water energy. I became surrounded by this energy of water, feeling the water in the center of my body, spreading all over, cooling me down, as crystal liquid. Then I became conscious that its sound would be KAM. (To recite as kAmMMm). But when I become conscious of the water itself, I wanted to bring it to myself. So I created silence, connected with kAmMMm, and recite an inspired breath-out AmMMm.
So for me to bring the water element to myself, I would recite in my lowest voice from the navel the vibration AmMMm kAmMMmm. And this was the information I’ve gotten from water, and that was transmitted now to my mind. The next time I need to cool down or to bring the energy from the water to myself, I will only have to recite AmMMm kAmMMmm, and feel the vibration of this sound all over my body. The frequency of the sound-syllables
AmMMm kAmMMmm became crystal water for me.
You just have to focus on anything and find its own sound frequency. If you feel cold, think of element Fire. Bring the heat to you. Find your own silence, clear your mind, and let the sound frequency of Fire to come to you. Try now… Close your eyes, visualize fire… the color, the heat, the dynamic… Where in your body would you locate fire? Chest? Sexual organs? Bring the Fire to you. Listen to it… Call it now… AmMMmm… gOnNNn… and what about a sound syllable to end and make things effective? Not before they become part of us. We still have cold and we need Fire to warm us. First, find the silence within yourself: AmMMmm. Then call the Fire itself: gOnNNn. Open doors and shot the Fire it is welcome: sHriiiinm… And finally, make it effective with a more short sound vibration syllable: TSa!
AmMMmm gOnNNn sHriiinm TSa!
And here you have a new prayer sound frequency that you can use whenever you feel cold and want to attract fire to you. The words have no meaning, however, it is the sound vibration that creates and awakes a more connected frequency between you and Fire.
Now, try to focus on Peace. On Detachment. On emotions. Maybe some can’t be visualized as a natural element, but they can be felt. And if they can be felt, they have their own frequency. So go find Peace. Find silence, clear your mind… Feel peace, feel its frequency… Invite peace to come in. Install it.
Later on, this is what you will spread through your consciousness. Through collective consciousness. If you’re in peace, with peace, it’s peace that you will spread.
Now focus on your third eye, located a finger above the center of your eyebrows, from inside. Recite the mantra of Fire with a low voice, and feel the vibration there.
The sound should come from another chakra, the one located three fingers bellow your navel. If you touch there and press gently, you will find a softer spot there. Leave one finger there, for example your left index finger touching that spot, and the right hand index finger touching the third eye spot. Recite now the Fire mantra and feel the vibration connecting both spots of energy.

If Mind is over matter, then It’s consciousness that is over mind.

And if it’s consciousness that creates matter, matter exists as quantum, thus derivates from consciousness. Consciousness is part of the quantum and quantum part of the consciousness. It’s the circle of life itself, because everything in life is consciousness.

From the book “MPower the Shaman”
By Gonzalo W. Bénard
IG - @GWBenard
Twitter - @GBenard

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