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This is definitely one of the more insightful pieces of writing I've had the privilege of reading lately. Thanks for sharing.

When I look back, in midlife, on the totality of my experiences thus far I see one episode, which took place when I was 23, as being very metaphysically definitive and - I suspect, very much in line what you have to say about pure consciousness. Sorting out definitions in this kind of discussion is always essential, as your definition of 'mind' vs 'consciousness' will vary from others who are trying to say the same thing. I think this is important because we're talking about a Road Less Travelled. Your various descriptions tell me that we are probably on the same page, but this is, for me, always an open question because so rarely do I find others who have anything to say about pure 'consciousness' or whatever one might call it.

The experience to which I refer was one of merging with what the Hindus refer to as the Brahmin, others as Universal Mind and so on. Pure consciousness certainly fits, too, but none of these labels come near to describing the profundity of what I experienced, and how it answered so many of my deepest questions.

You speak of 'remembering', and I would definitely say that was also part of the experience. A funny thing about that. But for me, with that remembering came an appreciation of my present-sense of relative cluelessness, all based on my immersion into the world of form, time/space and the attendant limitations and ego/lower self-identification, flaws and virtues included. I sensed that I will miss the mystery. Because of this experience, I very much see myself here, in the world, for a visit and fully confident that I will return to 'pure consciousness' after my transition.

This has made me a bit of a slacker compared to those who speak in such terms, I suppose. I don't meditate, nor do I feel the need to put in the effort to reattain that state which I am sure I was Fated to experience in this lifetime. My 'pure consciousness' episode was so fundamentally satisfying that part of my 'remembering' experience was a sense of going to miss not knowing when I return to that absolute state.

Despite these things, when I look back on my path since that experience, and other ones that also occurred around that time, I see myself being driven by a curiosity that has moved me towards those earlier states. It's a bit like rising to the surface of a deep body of water I suppose. My arms and legs play a contributing role but so does the law of gravity in reverse, a force pulling me to the surface. What's been preoccupying me in recent years is an urge to record some of what this resurfacing means to me, so that I leave something behind which someone or others may find beneficial in their own existential journies.

But I'll close with a question.

A big part of my 'slacker' mentality, when it comes to not wanting to bother to reattain this state while I am still here, is based on never having met anybody that can show me an easy way of doing it. I suspect that you naturally want to put in the extra time that this likely requires, just as I naturally put in the time to record that which I wish to leave behind. However, I may be wrong. And so I ask, do you have any suggestions for me and us, regarding a more expedient way to connecting with pure 'consciousness'?


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