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Hello Eddie,
You are right, Porto wine is always a good choice. It is the only alcohol I drink, even though only like 3 or 4 times per year. It is so rich, that when we were children, and had to go through "blood tests" etc, the clinics would give us a shot of Porto, to compensate the blood taken. And in old times, Porto was also given to children/youth when they were ill, in a "gemada" for breakfast: egg yolk, sugar and Porto, all mixed. It is delicious and revigorating (not sure if this is how it is spelled: revigorant, in French).

2 - even though in the Higher lands of Himalayas I went through -30C at night, It was more difficult to me when I went back to Paris, and had to face -4C. It is different due the humidity vs. dry climate. In Himalayas though, we would have no proper insulation at the monastery, but we had yak duvets... and we would start the day eating/chewing couple red hot chilli peppers, before going out of bed. That would give us warmth enough to face the cold. But there is also an important detail: while in the West we are more focused on body, so we feel more the physical adversities, in Himalayas it is easier to focus on consciousness, and put the physical body in second place. Collective consciousness in its best as well. Two other things that happened: while in Himalayas, I never had the need to use glasses to see, which I needed when I came back again. And there, I didns't smoke, and here I end up smoking around 5 to 6 thin rolled cigarettes per day. That makes a difference.

1 - consciousness. It is for me the quantum form, that can take any form and shape, and that is spread all over, creating, adapting, giving birth to new shapes of life. Consciousness exists all over as the most pure form of energy. That is why we might need to focus on it, expanding it, through collective and cosmic consciousness, since it is consciousness that exists everywhere and connects everything. Isn't it wonderful the diversity? Isn't diversity the most beautiful essence of life itself? We are still too attached to physicality. Thus to ego, etc. the moment we allow us to connect ourselves to consciousness, we will finally "get it" in a much simpler way, connected, in oneness.

Btw, I am not sure if you are referring to the article "Dolmens" or the AoM "MPower the Shaman", but in any case, they both come from "MPower the Shaman" book, that I launched last month. Thank you for your thoughts and kind words Eddie.
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