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Robert Tindall wrote:

> Hi Michael, I'm not much of a theorist in the realm of quantum
> mechanics and parallel universes, probably because I don't feel
> much need to reference them to give validity to indigenous
> experiences.
> Nor actually do I attempt to offer metaphysical or mathematical
> theories about how such uncanny parallels can come about. I'm
> just not very mathematically minded. I work with models of
> consciousness instead.
> The basic fact I perceive is that indigenous and traditional
> folks, and moderns such as ourselves in certain circumstances,
> experience a state of permeable consciousness, where the
> Cartesian separation of knowing subject and pre-given object
> "out there" vanish. The self is experienced as the cosmos in
> this case, where it emerges as perfectly reasonable that the
> waters should be vital with sentience and have their unique
> spiritual essence. Not to mention be capable of communication
> with us. Thus, it's not too surprising that the ancient Greeks
> and contemporary Amazonian peoples have parallel mythologies.
> After all, we're all in this living cosmos together from the
> perspective of permeable consciousness, not the weary
> inhabitants of a dead, mechanical universe as most moderns
> experience themselves.
> Even the best science fiction devotes itself to reanimating the
> universe. NO ONE really likes the Cartesian model of
> consciousness. We want to be alive in a living, vital cosmos
> filled with intelligence.
> Okay, that may have been a little long-winded, but I needed to
> establish my basic way of thought here.
> Perhaps you have something to offer about the explanatory power
> of parallel universes in this case?

My take:
I have accessed other realms over the past 38 years off and on. Many of my friends have also done so--some much more than I--and we have kept journals. (none of these experiences were drug-related. Well maybe one... )

I don't know if "parallel" is the right word. It's more a difference in density thing. And in my case, none of these were my own doing. If I could will them I'd be doing it every day which is probably one of the reasons why I can't. My teacher controls this stuff completely and I wouldn't have it any other way. (path of the sound current/shabd)

There is a big difference between the etheric experiences which are throat-chakra related and the astral (and above) regions in which we are pulled straight up out of the crown, as opposed to slipping out of the body sideways into the earth's etheric plane. (the throat chakra is actually located in the brainstem--specifically the locus ceruleus, which is the dividing line between sleep and waking) This is the plane of the fairies, devas, jinn, gargoyles etc.

Most of the substances that can take one out of the physical lead to the earth's etheric plane. A lot of OBE's are like that--flying around and seeing earth-like scenery. That's the ether.
Virtually every object we see in the physical earth plane has an etheric counterpart. Rock, tree, spider--everything. And an astral counterpart, and so on further within. The creation is a "roll-out"---from the highest to the lowest/most dense.

For astral experiences, melatonin can play a role, but to have that work usually requires that one be wide awake after midnight which is when the melatonin is flowing. Problem is, we want to sleep at this time. One has to put oneself in a position to succeed so to speak. Not lying in bed, but sitting in a recliner chair The upright spine is what differentiates humans from the animals. And again--we don't really control it. The mystics of old referred to the dark, early AM time as the "hour of elixer". Rumi went on and on in his writings about the need to "fight sleep".
In addition to melatonin, the ether is much more clear at this time because everyone else is asleep and not muddening the ether with their thought-forms.
I wish I could keep those early hours more often.

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