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Humanity is completely enslaved on every level ...
Well, this individual member of humanity is not. How could, or would, you tell? What signs would you look out for?

...possible - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - by forces ...
Can you give me one piece of information which could independently identify these "forces" as being other than entirely products of the human imagination? I am not, by saying this, demeaning in any way human imagination; on the contrary I am recognising how truly magic it is and should be fully valued.

...that are rapidly revealing themselves to the masses.
Evidence? How do you know? Why is there nothing other than words, written or spoken, - all from human minds - to show for them?Do you really think "they" will arrive during your lifetime?

Only when we become enlightened as evolving beings of conscientiousness, and we recognize this enslavement, can we do something about it.
That is a poetic statement and certainly appeals to the aesthetic sense, but how will you know the difference betweenwhatever you think is this 'enlightenment' and the infinite range of ordinary, general thinking?

This is the critical role of the enlightenment - ...
Have you any other way of encountering this 'enlightenment' apart from thinking about it with your mind ((and reading other people's words)? And then, how would you know it came from some mysterious source and was not your mind doing the thinking?
Quote fully grasp who we are as living, breathing human beings of flesh and blood and infinite soul, ...
I've been recognising myself all my life and although, yes, I will continue to learnuntil I die, I shall be somewhat surprised if any information crops up which is going to be ... well, whatever it is you are thinking of.

...and thereby recognize our connection to the divine source of unity consciousness ...
People have been thinking of a 'divine' source ever since our species began, but fortunately they have always learnt more about reality too, so that the idea of divine has no actual place within the universe for an increasing number of people; this means that those who wish it still to be somewhere, locate it somewhere 'outside' the universe.

...and our ability to become co-creators of our own reality.
We might like to imagine a reality different from the one that actually is, but unless we recognise it asimagined and, therefore, a product of the brain, about which we constantly learn more facts, then we are chasing a non-existent shadow and perhaps missing the aesthetic value.

What we learn from the ancients can be used as tools to help speed up our enlightenment process.
Here I agree - with the fact that we have always learnt, and of course sometimes failed to learn, from our predecessors, but to say we should learn from imagined ancients seems rather pointless. If ever these peoples are actually found, then that is knowledge and comes under the heading of history and archaeology.

Therefore we must keep our minds and hearts open at all time to new information that may not make any sense to us in our current level of consciousness. The clues we have been presented with have been infinite - our uptake and comprehension - infantile.
And here you imply that the information we should, apparently, keep our minds open to is going to come from a completely scientifically unknown source. However, since no-one has ever detected it, or shown it to be other than a human idea, I think the world will get a lot further a lot quicker by working, studying, educating about, and learning from what we have. Yes, of course, we must keep a full awareness that new information will come along which will change current knowledge and make it more reliable and
will replace the previous theory, but it has to be real information, not imagined..


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