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General Response & Comment
In response to MJT & other questions.
If you don’t buy what I have to share, there is unfortunately not much I can do about that. The encounter with the “sacred stone” is exactly as I describe it. We all have to find our own truth on this journey of discovery. I can only share with you what I have found and what I have concluded. What you do with this information is entirely up to you. Honour and integrity is key to keeping us on a path of enlightenment and a rise in our own personal and collective consciousness. If we cannot embrace and digest new information we are truly stuck in a very dark place as humanity.
I agreed to do this on Graham Hancock’s site because I believed that his readers are generally more aware, more enlightened and more open to new discovery without the ignorant ridicule of the masses whose minds have been destroyed and poisoned by our corporate education system.
So for those who find my work or research unacceptable, I urge you to just leave it for now – and come back to it at some later stage in the future. Maybe it will resonate with you differently then. I say this purely because I have had hundreds of such exchanges in the past.
Also keep in mind that the issue of money is a deeply complex subject that goes back thousands of years. And let me be very clear on this point: MONEY IS NOT A CONSEQUENCE OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF BARTER AND TRADE. If you believe anything else you have fallen squarely into the trap set for humanity. “None are more enslaved than those who believe they are free.” Goethe.
Money was introduced to humanity by the Anunnaki as an absolute tool of control – and we are the ones who perpetuate this enslavement through our own arrogance, ego and ignorance. This includes the complex and convoluted legal system that upholds the rights of those who control the supply of money. Their knowledge of vortex energy fields; black hole technology and the principles of positive and negative opposites; are encoded in the way that money works with opposites as energy embedded in its use and manipulation. Debits and credits are the basis of banking and the use of money.
The only way humanity can release itself from the enslavement of money is to stop using it. There is no other cure.
My new book goes into great detail on this subject, that I know is very confusing for most. Once the penny drops and we realise how easily we can turn our back on the enslavement of money and rather use human talents and potential to create unimaginable abundance on every level of our existence, the sooner we can free ourselves from thousands of years of abuse and start becoming truly conscious beings that join the universal community of enlightened and conscious beings – who are awaiting our emancipation.
Love & Light
Michael of the family tellinger

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