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>>If we substitute "witchcraft" with "as yet unrevealed laws of nature," we can move forward.

Hello Lover

James Bond world....

Such ability/knowledge would threaten Mr organized religion,....Mr King.....and Mr Banker/Oligarchy Family...or trade franchise.

Interesting that the Templars required/needed a Skull* for their arts.

In our day.....Mind control is militarized and packaged for global use as applications.

a hint that this medium has been a fixation for the ruling class,
and fixation for certain groups to operate apart and yet in concession with ruling powers.

labels,controlled socio perceptions.......they maintain separation between themselves and the common person.

marginalizing those who near the Brass ring.

as we see in this thread where scoffing emerges vs obvious phasic wave form flow which is interface capable for those with
the knowledge and technical ability.

the scoffing suggests the ancients could not interface or augment wave form for application purpose.

and finally...label discard...such as....New Age yada yada.

During my trade career....used Ultrasound to inspect steel and alloy plate.
different angled probes required calibrating the machine,
and within those calibrations....set the parameters for the signal return.
[direct probe contact method]
so...this is induction and defined application to an inert object.

said stone is no different than plate of steel.

both vibrate and receive induction/wave form....


Non-contact ultrasound (NCU) is a method of non-destructive testing where ultrasound is generated and used to test materials without the generating sensor making direct or indirect contact with the test material or test subject. Historically this has been difficult to do, as a typical transducer is very inefficient in air.[1] Therefore most conventional ultrasound methods require the use of some type of acoustic coupling medium in order to efficiently transmit the energy from the sensor to the test material. Couplant materials can range from gels or jets of water to direct solder bonds. However in non-contact ultrasound, ambient air is the only acoustic coupling medium.

An electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT), is a type of non-contact ultrasound that generates an ultrasonic pulse which reflects off the sample and induces an electric current in the receiver.

numerous articles on the net about Pulse* ultrasound and medical use.

this is wave form artificially created.........and then natural.

being a ticketed Ultrasound tech......would make me on par with the Witch : )

T Bird

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