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>>This is all pseudo-scientific nonsense, Mr Tellinger. Sound does not operate in the giga hertzs range either.


As a whole being, the human body resonates to a broad spectrum of etheric frequencies. If the human being is healthy, these frequencies are in perfect harmony to one another.

It is like a wonderfully harmonious orchestral sound. Debilitating outside influences, such as disease forming (pathogenic) organisms, resonate to etheric frequencies which are dissonant or disharmonious to our energy field. If these pathogenic organisms become lodged within our bodies, they interfere with and disrupt the harmony of our energy field.

Likewise, if one prominent instrument in an orchestra is riot in tune with the rest of the players - if it plays off-key-its sound will interfere with and disrupt the otherwise harmonious orchestral sound. So what does modern science think about an energy that pervades space? Well, apart from the quantum energy that every atom contains, there are atmospheric resonance phenomena that have been investigated, called the Schumann Waves or resonances.

These are very long waves of extremely low frequency, which are present everywhere in the atmosphere on this planet. The Schumann Waves have been identified as part of the natural electromagnetic radiation, which is particularly important for life on this planet. The human brain actually resonates with these atmospheric waves.

NASA, the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration, has studied these Schumann Waves extensively and recognized the importance of these waves for human health. Space shuttles, leaving our atmosphere, are equipped with artificial Schumann Wave generators to simulate the natural electromagnetic environment of the earth.

One of the Schumann Wave researchers is Dr Phil Callahan from Florida whom we recently met in Germany. He has traveled all over the world measuring these frequencies.

What he found was that most prehistoric monuments and church towers, and in particular the round towers of Ireland, act as dielectric (non-metallic) antennae and amplifiers for Schumann Waves, thus creating an enhanced natural electromagnetic environment within their vicinity.

This might explain the special atmosphere in churches and why people experience a feeling of reduced stress and re-invigoration.

And seeing that We* are electric....and the Earth's Plasma magnetosphere/dipole is electric.

the relationship is electrical and synergistic across wave form,
as both man and planet cycle - Alpha,Beta,Delta,Theta each day.

T Bird

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