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Certain very old igneous rocks generate magnetic fields. Nobium is a transitional paramagnetic mineral that can generate a magnetic field. Gadolinium is a paramagnetic metal brought up in hydrothermal waters in carbonatites (carbonates of igneous origin, eg. marble). There are occurrences of these in SW Ontario and Barringer Hill, now beneath Lake Buchanan in Central Texas. In certain metamorphic calcite cemented rocks it would produce an unusually high magnetic signature. One would expect to find these in very old mountain ranges such as the Arbuckles of Oklahoma and the Ouachita Range of Arkansas. It would be interesting to know the mineral composition of these stone rings and if they might contain some of these rare earth metals like nobium, samarium, neodium or gadolinium.

MGrant wrote:

> Michael
> I would to hear what you mght make of this....
> In the mid-1990s I visited Sai Baba's ashram, the now deceased
> Indian guru or whatever - depending on whom you speak to about
> this.
> While there for a few days I became rather obsessed with
> getting an 'interview' with him, which was totally unexpected.
> After a variety of paranormal things occurred, I left feeling
> very pissed off, because that did not happen.
> However, on the way out of the ashram I scooped a stone that
> was under a large banyan tree. In case it matters, I'm pretty
> sure the stone was granite. The stone had a nice
> rectangular-cubic shape, and I felt an urge to take it even
> though at the time I had was heavily into reununciation mode,
> determined to have noting to do with Sai Baba ever agin...
> After a long sulking drive to Bangalore on that sunny Boxing
> Day, I found a hotel and toured the downtown area. At some
> point I took the stone out of my money belt and checked it out.
> For some reason I decided to keep it in my left hand, and kept
> it there as it felt oddly good to hold.
> What followed was a pleasant sensation, where I felt the stone
> stabilizing me and a curious energy that extended initially
> from my hand all the way up my left arm. This felt so good
> that for the entire evening, over a period of a few hours, I
> would not let the stone go. I only finally did when it was
> time for bed. And I have never felt the same sensation holding
> that rock since.
> So here is my question.
> Can we determine if the rock exuded some sort of energy;
> Or, if my internal nervous system was somehow altered, in terms
> that encouraged this association?
> In other words, if the second interpretation is correct, the
> stone has nothing to do with what I experienced, at all.
> I could have been made to feel the same sensation anywhere
> independently of external stimuli (a possibility that may
> eventually usurp both the pornography and night club
> industries.)
> Mark

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