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Hello Freddy, and welcome.

My question is about Christophorus Columbus' enterprise and a possible link with the templars.

Despite being a very famous person in History, some aspects of his life are still unknown. Some researchers have suggested that perhaps he was not italian, but catalonian or portuguese, and perhaps he was a templar (or had a good relationship with them). And it is well known that, before presenting his project to the kings of Spain, he had been previously in the portuguese royal court looking for the portuguese support for his plans. And it is also suggested that in that court he might have had access to secrets maps of America, made by early European explorers... the templars.

Regarding this, there has been some speculation about the situation of the main port of the templars, La Rochelle, which was located in the Atlantic coast, while it would have been more logical to have a main port in the Mediterranian Sea, the Templars' natural field of operations. Some authors claim that the reason for this location has to do with secret expeditions to obtain silver in South America. And, last but not least, it is undeniable that the three ships commanded by Columbus in his first trip wore the typical templar "paté" cross in their sails.

What's your opinion on these speculations?

Thank you in advance,
Titus Livius

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