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I just wrote a book called The true knowledge revealed the Lucid Age Dawns. It shows how the ideas on the Prophecies in Daniel and Revelation about the four beasts and the wild beast, long held to be a representation of earthly governments, are actually representing the world powers that existed before the flood.

The Heavenly beings that were on earth procreating with human women for over 1000 years, also had set up an earthly government that they ruled. Their offspring were known as the Nephilim. It explains what the seven heads are, that the "wild beast" represents the world government from that time, and how it will return when they are released from the abyss. What involvement the Nephilim will have in that, and much more.

It explains the phrase "it is a mans number" when it mentions 666. That the meaning is in reference to the beings who were once heavenly and are now eternally "locked" in the human form they took while on earth, as the rulers before the flood. That they will be let loose and will once again set up that kingdom on earth, until the "End" comes.

Its on Amazon.com

T.G. Hortman- Author

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