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NetWorkAngel wrote:

Woodward was the naive, virginal police officer in The Wicker Man wasn't he? I can't recall his other roles, but that had to have been a difficult one to pull off with any authenticity and under quite difficult circumstances. I recall him saying that the goats, in the cages above him, were terrified and peed all over him when the wicker man was set aflame, but that it was so cold on the cliff that he welcomed the warmth, or something like that.

> Epitomizes my entire perspective on American actors.
> Stanislavsky made it just so incredibly difficult for actors to
> be themselves. They have to livetheir characters...and their
> characters get into trouble!

That's interesting, I would just about say the opposite. I doubt there are many working actors left who care about Stanislavsky's theories, or the method for that matter. Still, an important part of his approach was detachment. Total identification with the character was not desirable. American actors seem to me more workmanlike and in any case methods aren't much help when one is merely reacting to a green screen, as in so much current US cinema. I guess it depends what works for the individual actor and how the director works. Depp like Hoffman seems to immerse himself in and transform into the character, whereas for someone like Jeff Bridges the performance seems effortless, as if he's not even acting. They're both brilliant in their way.


Being called a liar by Bill O'Reilly is like being called wet by rain Tim Wise

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