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I just found out that Richard Todd has passed and so has Edward Woodward. I just wanted to share how devastated I am to learn of their passing and to wonder why I hadn't learned of this earlier. I had the most intense crush on Richard Todd for a whole lot of my life and and I have to say that he probably represented for me the best of "British Manhood". So - I'm old-fashioned. I loved that man.

Edward Woodward made sure that I understood spydome was incredibly humane and considerate. He also was the epitome of standard stock British acting. There's a story about Sir Lawrence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman that made the rounds in that Dustin was describing to Sir Lawrence the lengths he went to in order to capture the "essence" of Marathon Man". He described how he stayed up for 48 hours. didn't shave, paced his room, and went through agonies to make sure he captured the character. Olivier looked at him and said "My dear boy, why don't you just act. It's so much easier!".

Epitomizes my entire perspective on American actors. Stanislavsky made it just so incredibly difficult for actors to be themselves. They have to livetheir characters...and their characters get into trouble!


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