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Hi John
I can understand where you are coming from! I have a gorgeous cat (to look at!) called Greebo. Lives up to his name (Terry Pratchett fans will know what I mean?). Everything was always on his terms and of course we did what we could to make his "majesty" happy!

However, as a pet owner.....after awhile you do realise that they will react to your emotions. If I am calm etc, etc. Happy cat!

I read somewhere that to communicate with your cat - it is about body language and sending mental picture messages instead. I have used this technique and it has worked. Rather than vocalising something......I look him in the eye and blink once (Hello!) . He will usually blink back...... (Hello, and you got my attention!).

If he is outside and I want him to come in.......I picture or visualisation a warm place and food (probably Tuna!), this visualisation is always enhanced with emotions of love and affection!

Doesn't always work, of course..........but, Greebo gave me a 6 out of 10 for trying?


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