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s-d.adrain wrote:

> "I had a problem with a Cat, When I first met my wife to be she had a white cat (deaf) it hated me, I wrote it of and did not bother with it at all.
The Cat sleeps on my wifes pillow always trying to have at least one paw on my wife.

> "Well time went on and we got another cat and a Dog, They got the same treatment the Cat really did only have time for my wife.

> "My wife became pregnant and spent 3 weeks in hospital, I had to feed her cat and when he got on the bed I used to put my hand out to him and we started to become friends lol. it has taken years but he lets me pat him and even very occasionally comes to me to lie on, but he is still most defo my wifes Cat. My dogs on the other hand get stressed going between us for attention not wanting to miss either of us lol.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.
Perhaps in some cases, such "bonding" truly does take years.

> "Cats are not domesticated as such I think free spirits sounds more like it

A Cat (or any other animal for that matter), possesses 'Life' and so do we.
Perhaps therein lies the key.



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