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Deep wrote:

> "Cats interpret eye contact from strangers as aggression. Strangers need to completely ignore her until she grows used to them, determines that they are not a threat, and warms up to them. Food never hurts.

Good point!

> "This is why people who do not like cats are frequently the subject of their attention. These folks avoid eye contact while others in the room (who like cats) try to attract the kitty. And sure enough, the person who does not like cats and thus avoids eye contact is perceived as being non-threatening and friendly, and becomes the subject of the cat's attentions

Curiously, in my case at least, I think it was 'eye contact' in the first place that initially sparked our apparent mutual bond.
In my own way, I actually "speak" to animals, whether they be Cats in this instance, or dogs or any other creature for that matter.

When I say "speak", I don't necessarily mean childish rhetoric etc., but just plain common sense talk in order to get my message across.

In that way, which also includes "eye contact", I seem to gain the confidence of the animal, in that I treat the animal as equal to myself.
Takes a bit of time for sure, but the approach does appear to work.
It has happened to me before with other animals too (mostly dogs)

In a sense (and maybe I am going slightly "out on a limb" here), the same principles may apply to us human beings too.
Now there is something to reflect upon.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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