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Hi Diomede,

I'm an ailurophile and curently have the pleasure of sharing my life with two of the little critters...Luna and Willow, I got them from the RSPCA two years ago, I only wanted one but as they were sisters it I didn't think it would have been right to split them up.

These guys seem to be really greatful that I've taken them in and look after them...they are very different in personality but are both very loving in their own ways.

I've "owned" several cats over the years (or they've owned me) and have only ever known such a strong bond once before with a male cat who used to sense when I was coming home...now this isn't necessarily unusual...but sometimes I'd be away for weeks or even months at a time (I was in the RAF) and even my wife wouldn't know but he would wait in my parking place about an hour before I drove in! It got to be a joke with my neighbours who reckoned he was giving away military secrets!

These two seem to understand my moods and feelings and hang out with me when appropriate. But are extremely "cat like" when people come to call, making themselves scarce if they "sense" that the visitor doesn't like cats.

There is a fascinating book called "Catwatching" by Desmond Morris (he wrote the Naked Ape and Manwatching amongst others) which I highly recommend if you want to get inside Pussy's head!

Also this link is interesting but not verified [www.per-bast.net] I particularly like the last line.


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