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Hi all,

I don't know if this particular subject has been raised before (or indeed if I am on the right 'Board'), but I am very interested to know you views.

In short, I have a bit of a problem.

To briefly explain:

As we are all mostly aware, domesticated Cats (Felis catus), generally speaking, are very independent animals, they do as they do and unlike a dog, one cannot take a Cat for a walk.

I have the utmost respect and care for all animals, but the particular Cat I currently have "owned" (bought from an 'Animal Sanctuary' some three months ago), is only "sociable" towards myself, indeed exclusively, to the exclusion of all others (I originally invested in this Cat in order to keep the mice down in my house...which I must admit has worked quite effectively to date!)

However, my Cat's "attitude" toward my sisters (and my brother in particular) is very different.
All they get from this Cat (which I have named "Pussy"), is a rather nasty "hiss" and/or a swipe with its paw/s, then it runs off.

Towards myself, the reactions are completely the opposite.

The Cat (Pussy) gives me seemingly unwarranted love and affection almost beyond measure (in Cat's terms of course), purring almost continually and sleeps with me curled-up on the bed every single night, indeed sometimes right beside my pillow of occasion.

Someone once said that whereas one might "own a dog" (very true I think), conversely a Cat "owns you".

Is this true?
Have I therefore been "adopted" by this particular Cat?

If so, which seems quite apparent to me, then what am I to do?

Do Cat's have a reserved Psychology with respect to some human beings?

Many questions.

I therefore appeal to all you animal lovers out there for some kind of a solution to this particular dilemma.

Your advice and suggestions are most welcome.



BTW - the Cat's fur is pure white and the animal itself is seven years old (perhaps significant?) and its medical records show that being female, the animal has been previously nutured.

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