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Re: Chapter 22 of the Gospel of Luke The "man bearing a pitcher of water" to be a direct reference to the symbol of Aquarius, the water-bearer. And furthermore, Jesus' instructions to his followers that they follow this man "into the house where he entereth in" seems to strengthen the connection to astrological symbolism.

This is a very thin thread. If there was any evidence that Jesus referred to astrology it would gain some credibility. As an admirer of most avatars in history, I have never seen anything that directly links Jesus to astrology, or any avatar to astrology as what they are doing is far too important. To bring Jesus down to the level of promoting astrology seems almost blasphemy to me. The Bible is not a reliable source of anything anyway as too many people have had their fingers in the pie along the way. To suggest this quote from Luke supports your age hypothesis that Jesus coincided near the beginning of the Pisces age remains unproven.

Re … the advent of Christ did change the world, making it a more dynamic place.

What support from non-Christians do you have for this sweeping generalisation? Unless a reasonable number of non-Christian historians etc support such a statement it also has no credibility.

Re So much of our current civilisation has been influenced by what Christ said.

You should have said “So much of our current western culture has been influenced by what Christ said.” Islam now has more followers than Christianity. There is no doubt that Jesus was an influential person but just because he is the avatar of western culture does not make him the key influence to commence the Pisces age. Where does Mohammed sit? On a per capita basis, Mohammed has been more successful. Buddhists seem far closer to God than Christians.

You are obviously touched by Jesus but this is a subjective analysis that you have given. What group of influential or reputable historians, anthropologists or the like that will vouch that around the arrival of Jesus marked the end and start of a new epoch? The historians I have read indicate that around the 15th century AD and 8th century BC are the true epochal centuries. I can get support for this statement, can you get support to your statement that Jesus appeared near the start of an epoch? If so you have not revealed it.

Re “… for, behold, the Kingdom of God is within [among] you." - Luke 17:20-21

Who put the `[among]’ in the above quote? This assumption totally destroys the statement. Jesus never said “The Kingdom of God is amongst you”, this is a total corruption of what he said and has a totally different meaning.

Re The Israelites lived in the Age of Aries, depicted by the Ram, also known as the "Age of the Father".

In my 30 years of studying this subject I have never seen the Aries age called the "Age of the Father". It makes absolutely no astrological sense as “father” is ruled by Capricorn. You are inventing your own form of astrology – it could be called astrology without limits.

Re Following the "Age of the Father", the "Age of the Son"

This is just some kind of personal invention or fantasy with no link to historical reality and definitely not to astrology.

Re as the Synagogue of the Jews was destroyed in the Second State

– are you saying the Jewish religion has been destroyed? I am sure the Palestinians would disagree.

Good luck on your approach to the ages. Your approach is called Christology. There cannot be meaningful dialogue with a Christologist as it is like talking to someone who has concussion or amnesia. I was under the misunderstanding that this was a topic on the end of an age as part of the topic of ages, but it is a misrepresented front for Christology. You should link up with other Christologists as I doubt anyone else would be interested – also you never know, two wrongs may make a right.

For us researchers looking for the truth re the ages, we like substantiation from people who are logical, clear headed and have facts to support their arguments. Opinions are a dime a dozen, delusions are a dime a ton. I have more meaningful requirements on my time to waste them on these speculative fantasies.

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