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aha, you've cracked it! Pubs, that's the key....

Well the first one's over; finally, thank god. Let's blot it out and move on.

Rob R

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)


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ashes to ashes.., dust to dust- 124 lothario 26-Nov-06 04:02
Re: ashes to ashes.., dust to dust- 82 Rob R 26-Nov-06 10:55
why 95 ananda 26-Nov-06 18:23
Re: why 95 lothario 26-Nov-06 20:56
Re: why 86 ananda 26-Nov-06 22:11
Re: why 109 lothario 26-Nov-06 22:33
Groan - Where I think we're going wrong.... 92 come on pilgrim 26-Nov-06 20:40
Re: Groan - Where I think we're going wrong.... 113 lothario 26-Nov-06 21:00
oh yeah?? 90 ananda 26-Nov-06 22:16
Re: oh yeah?? 112 lothario 26-Nov-06 22:37
actually.. 84 ananda 27-Nov-06 02:53
Re: actually.. 83 lothario 27-Nov-06 03:25
Re: actually.. 39 ananda 27-Nov-06 17:18
lol 92 ananda 26-Nov-06 22:14
Re: lol 87 Rob R 27-Nov-06 01:35

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