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Whoops! Lol! Uh, no, Pati, I guess it wasn't THAT near-castle-like. Near castle-like in terms of fairly massive stone construction, as I recall; but, compared to the Biltmore, more of a country cottage. Thinking about it, I guess it was near to Asheville thereabouts -- so I guess that would make it closer to the Smoky mountains. Cavernous great-room, about a zillion guest rooms. It's been awhile.

I can't say I've ever had a Cheerwine, and I've probably had most of the classics, RC, Nehi, and the like. Do they distribute it out West? I'll be seeing an ol boy (really, really old boy) tomorrow -- he grew up in NC -- family name of Cherry. I'll ask him if he's ever had one. Maybe it'll spark a there-I-was story or two. :)

>>And yes, I have had many a coke, root beer and pepsi with a pack of good ole salty peanuts poured in. But 'taint worth it's weight in salt if you put them in a can.....gotta be a glass bottle!<<

No other way, lol.

>>Little Country Store (Convenience Store fer you City Slickers), near where I live has glass bottle drinks on ice. Tho they've conceded the old metal wash tub for one of those new fangle contraptions called 'Coolers' :))<<

We've heard about those things out here in New Mexico. :D

>>C'mon down and we'll red-you-up<<

Here's to hoping, Pati, and if you ever get out in these parts, they've got a huge peanut growing outfit just down the road (as far as we measure things out here) in Portales. :)


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