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In Australia we call carbonated drinks 'soft drinks'. My husband was of English descent and I am of English and Irish descent so we game across a few disparities in what we called things. I used to say what's for tea. He would correct my and make me say 'dinner'. After 'dinner' he would ask me what was for 'pudding'. I would reply that I was sorry but I didn't know how to make puddings - what type did he want anyway. Then I would realise that he meant 'desert'. When we had our son we even had different versions of the same nursery rhymes.
When I would feed my baby son I would say 'down the red lane' and he asked what the hell I was talking about. My grandmother on the English side used to say it to the children she fed. I finally found the saying in a book about pubs. It was somehow derived from the tradition of prisoners stopping at a particular pub in a particular lane for a last drink on their way to the gallows. I have only ever met one other Australian (also of English descent) who had heard of this saying.
Even within Australia there are differences between states. What I called spinach he calls silverbeet. What I call rockmelon he called cantelope etc.

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