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Hi Mike,

In my little neck of the woods, in North Carolina U.S.A. we always said "soft-drink" To us this referred to any soda drink w/o alcohol. When Soda-Fountains came into being the word Soda became popular but we would usually order a soda at a soda fountain and a soft-drink elsewhere. And they were soooo good in a glass bottle sitting in a tub of ice.

As kids we use to find it funny when someone started using the word "pop" and respond with "you want a pop? I'll give you a "pop" and then pretend to hit them, as pop was a term reserved by ones parents as a mild form of discipline.

Got curious about the history of soft drinks, here's a short read you might like.

We usually say bathroom for a home, restroom for public facilities. And then there is still the rare "outhouse" to be found. Merc might like this model :)))))))) it"s a small, enclosed bog, so to speak, separate from a living facility.

Sorry to your Americian friend but I think Soda is an older term than Pop. You hip Canadians you :)


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