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Back to the dwarves...

I think the belief system of this Phillipino Judge should be respected. My husband has a magic dwarf. He sees him out and about and when he does he takes it as a good omen. 'There is my magic dwarf', he says 'something good is going to happen'. My son on the other hand used to yell out at the top of his voice 'there's an oompa loompa mummy'.

So the cult of the magic dwarf is trans-continental and a cult of optimism and hope.

Unfortunately dwarf throwing has been banned in Australia or I am sure my husband would be there every Friday night cheering on his little friends.

David, in fact just popped in to tell me that he has been seeing 'his' dwarf a lot lately and his luck is starting to change. He won 23rd (yes 23rd) prize in an Easter raffle and got 4 numbers in lotto last week winning $40 bucks.
No, don't mock the cult of the dwarf!

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