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Richard, those photos are such a treat.

Thanks for sharing them with us.

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Autumn photos 80 Richard Fusniak 25-Oct-05 01:31
Re: Autumn photos 136 Julia 25-Oct-05 03:16
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Cambridge Botanic Garden 96 Richard Fusniak 25-Oct-05 17:30
Re: Cambridge Botanic Garden 76 Mel1Forrer 25-Oct-05 20:03
Re: Autumn photos 100 Raja 27-Oct-05 22:19
Re: Autumn photos 95 Richard Fusniak 27-Oct-05 23:53
Re: Autumn photos 87 Eddie Larry 28-Oct-05 03:05
Re: Autumn photos 48 Levitating Cat 28-Oct-05 03:36
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November pictures 88 Richard Fusniak 09-Nov-05 00:02
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Re: November pictures 85 Raja 09-Nov-05 15:02
Re: Autumn photos 91 Rick Storm 09-Nov-05 19:05
Re: Autumn photos 44 Richard Fusniak 09-Nov-05 23:23

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