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julietta wrote:

> I don't think you should be calling a woman a 'bitch' on this
> website. It would be like me referring to a male as a 'bastard'
> on this website which I wouldn't do even if he was. Perhaps I
> am old fashioned.
> Also, I know of a few men who have gone on welfare to avoid
> paying child maintenance. They were either ill themselves or
> didn't have much of a career to give up anyway.
> What that woman did is unacceptable but lets not attack
> womanhood with the use of gender specific derogatory terms.

From the Merriam-Webster online dictionary and I quote: ...


Main Entry: 1bitch
Pronunciation: 'bich
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English bicche, from Old English bicce
1 : the female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals
2 a : a lewd or immoral woman b : a malicious, spiteful, or domineering woman -- sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse
3 : something that is highly objectionable or unpleasant

Sorry if it offended you but please take it up with Merriam or Webster.

Best Regards
Don Barone

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." -- George Orwell... and remember what The Dormouse said: Feed Your Head

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