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I had no idea there was so much interest, amongst posters on the forum, on subjects related to health. Recently, I've been looking into the benefits of pomegranates and pomegranate juice!



It seems both the Bible and the Koran were right - the exotic pomegranate is indeed a 'gift from God'. As supermarket sales of its ruby-red juice reach new heights, Ed Caesar charts the incredible blossoming of an ancient delight...

The Independent
20 August 2005

In London, pomegranate juice is fast becoming an increasingly popular drink, with food stores stocking more and more brands all the time.

The pomegranate has long been recognised for its medical properties. Featuring in many health studies and journals, it's been identified as being a useful remedy for a number of ailments. From the Independent article quoted above:


So what is this superfood said to do for you? Well, fight heart disease, protect unborn children from brain damage, lower blood pressure, reduce the signs of ageing, increase fertility, smooth, cleanse and protect your skin from the sun. And if that is not enough to convince you, laboratory research published recently suggests that the pomegranate also "shows promise" against skin, breast and prostate cancer, menopausal symptoms, ulcers, HIV, the herpes virus and erectile dysfunction.

The Independent article goes on to mention pomegranates are "full to bursting with antioxidants" and very high in vitamin C.

The fruit is held sacred in many religions, including Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam and such are the medical properties of the fruit, the pomegranate features in the coat of arms of several medical associations, including the Royal College of Physicians of London. For more information, see: Why a Pomegranate? (British Medical Journal, Nov 4, 2000, by Patricia Langley)

It's also delicious! All the supermarkets and main high street grocers stock it but the best source, IMO, is Waitrose where you can buy the drink free of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Waitrose also sells pomegranate juice with blueberry. Waitrose sells the Pomegreat brand, which even claims the drink can boost brain power! Health food shops, like "Fresh and Wild", also stock the drink but be prepared to pay exorbitant prices!

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