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Nearly signed this since Maj Winters is the definition of what an officer should be. After seeing BoB i was blown away by what he and his men went through and i think he probably deserved the CMoH back in 1944. However i understand that due to internal army politcs he 'only' got the DSC or something, the next medal down.

I think that whilst he does deserve it, i agree with what one signatory to the petition says:


While I agree that Mjr.Winters was was a good leader, that is NOT a condition for the CMH. Becouse it is our highist honor it has some very stringent guidlines as it should. While he did a magnifacent job of knocking out the guns it is what he had been orderd to do. He did not fall on a granade or charge a machine gun to help a downed comrade, what he did do was his job. Also lets not forget that the DFC is nothing to sneeze at it is out second highest award. Im not saying that Mjr. Winters does not rate the CMH, but I am saying that to give it becouse someone was a good leader or becouse a lot of people signed a patition would only cheepen and degrade the men who have won it and Im sure that Mjr. Winters would agree with me.

William Stark, Washington
It is a shame Maj Winters didn't receive the CMoH but like what is said above if the book and programmes hadn't have been made would this petition have been started? What does it say to all the other genuine CMoH holders?


Rob R

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)


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