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Hi Merc,

Thought you would find this info. interesting for the 15th and 16th Century in Kashmir.





#2. physics/0309113 [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

Title: Three Interesting 15th and 16th Century Comet Sightings in Kashmiri Chronicles
Authors: Subhash Kak
Comments: 5 pages
Subj-class: History of Physics; Physics and Society; Popular Physics

Three Interesting 15th and 16th Century
Comet Sightings in Kashmiri Chronicles
Subhash Kak
November 6, 2004

This note is about three interesting 15th and 16th century sight-
ings of comets in Kashmiri chronicles. We provide reasons for their
identification as the 1468 S1, 1531 (Halley’s), and 1533 M1 comets.

Indian chronicles have not been properly studied for their astronomical ref-
erences. In particular, the reports of great comet sightings can help with
chronological questions and also provide information that is useful to the astronomer. Here we consider the medieval Kashmiri chronicles, in particular the continuation of the Rajataranginý by Srývara and Prajyabhatta and Suka, for their comet references.

As background, Kashmir has a long tradition of historical writing. The
Rajataranginý of Kalhana (Stein, 1900) gives an account of kings from their
mythical beginnings until 1150. Jonaraja Srývara, Prajyabhatta and Suka
bring the narrative forward to the time of the incorporation of Kashmir in
the Mughal Empire by Akbar in 1586.

The dates in the Kashmiri texts are by the Laukika (Saptarsý) calendar.
This calendar begins with 3076 BC, the year starting in March-April (Kak,
2000). The equation of conversion is, therefore, 4500 Laukika = 1424-5 AD

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