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Nicolas Bourbaki.

At first, it might seem strange that plays that were performed in front of Queen Victoria of England in 1600 were written by a French mathematician who has published 11 books spanning 1939-2016 with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Actually, at second glance that still looks strange. Third time, yep, still strange, but I'm done checking. I'm just going to call it strange.

But it becomes understandable when we see that BOTH William Shakespeare AND Nicolas Bourbaki were pseudonyms for the SAME hypergenius who has created and written so many things under their most common pseudonym, Anonymous (not to mention wrecking some havok on the internet these days).

To be honest with you, my mind is absolutely BLOWN by how much Anonymous has managed to do throughout history. Anonymous got to all the REALLY good stuff first: stone tools, fire, cooking, boats, the wheel, clothing, counting, etc. The rest of us got left with scraps.

So while I don't have any "smoking gun" which identifies Anonymous as the author behind both Shakespeare's plays and Bourbaki's proofs, I've yet to find a better candidate. If Anonymous can check the box on inventing the wheel, the lever, and the alphabet, I'm not willing to rule out their writing some good plays and doing some solid math. Seems like those simpler tasks.

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