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Greetings everyone.

I am new to this forum but keen to know what Graham's and others'attitudes to the repatriation of historical artefacts are.

This debate usually is split between the moral case and the epistemic case. That the right thing to do is to undo last injustice and seek to return possessions to rightful claimants vs. the continued assembly of artefacts in the possession of secure / responsible stewards for the purposes of research and public education.

Without going into details re. specific case studies (as I feel the debate for each artefact should be had on a case-by-case basis), I would very much like to know what additional values museums would gain from having the ACTUAL artefact, if we may simply be able to replace them with replicas of such quality that only experts may identify them as such.

Best wishes,


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Artefact Repatriation 1892 david_william_rea 23-Jul-19 08:20

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