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I have been absolutely enthralled with your new book! There are so many questions and possibly answers that I have.
I'm only half way through and already I am wondering if some sort of electroculture was at play in Egypt, Asia and the Americas? I haven't heard it mentioned yet. Could it have been used in the formation of terra preta? Could it have been used to increase harvest or even modify the genetics of seeds? I know from other reading that corn, for instance, took many generations to become corn. And the "handbags" seen in glyphs... could they be batteries? Charged at the source of power (the pyramids) and brought home or to work? To the idea of a cosmic impact in the rockies - I have also noticed what looks like a massive crater in Northern Alberta which could have occurred around the same time and would have also been capable of turning massive amounts of ice into flood water. I wonder if communication could have occurred by directing messages skyward to Orions belt and broadcasting them somehow in the ionosphere? I know all these cultures were around at different times but what if they weren't? What if new pyramids were built upon old ones and there were crossovers which we are so far unaware of? That's it, for now, Id better finish the damn book before I get ahead of myself anymore! Very thought provoking. Thank you!

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