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It is very easy to say that a king invents monotheism because we wants to hold on to power. It may even be the whole truth of the matter.
But that is not why we do history, or even read it. History is a grand narrative, and ultimately a unified narrative. The actual players might not have been aware what they were doing, but with the benefit of hindsight we see it.
Let's take Donald Trump. At the moment the whole world is engaged in scoring cheap points on him. But he himself stands far, far above his distractors. When politics had entirely sold itself out to the market, he put his foot down and restored control. He is historic and heroic.
Take Americans in general. They believe in Manifest Destiny. Others score cheap points on them by calling them barbaric businessmen. But Americans know they they must take their business and democracy to the ends of the world. This is their grand narrative.

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