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Yes, that kind of branching is inevitable. But I reiterate, to sideline Ralph Ellis for its sake is a huge loss of focus. Monotheism is all about focus, then focussing in on the twentieth century. How did it happen? Because the Jews were focussed like nothing else mattered. Eventually the Christians sharpened the focus. Then the Moslem sharpened yet further.
If we take advantage of the twentieth century republic, then decide to become Pagan all over again, branching out into, it could be this, it could be that, it is the betrayal of the spirit of progress. This is why the Bible says that the one unpardonable sin is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.
Akhenaten, Ramses II and company fought Paganism, have delivered to us Ideal Republic in the Here & Now. Reverting to Paganism at this point is a betrayal.
Also, when they say storm god, wine god etc, they mean goddesses, not god. God is intrinsically one, being the whole idea of monotheism. When they branch out, and the goddesses become too many, they turn some of them into gods.

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