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Eddie & Merrell, sorry about this belated response.
You may wish to take Raplh Ellis with a bit of salt, but then you will be missing his main contribution. This is the whole picture, in which the details fit. Let me see if I can summarize it.
The Egyptian pharaohs, especially pharaoh Akhenaten, introduce the religious revolution of monotheism, as a challenge to the polytheistic popular relgion of the people. It becomes the secret society of wandering Hebrews, whose hidden references are all to shepherd pharaohs. In time it generates the off shoots of Christianity and Islam. It even dictates European royalty, through secretly guarded matriarchal bloodlines. This is the thing called modern religion, with which we are lumbered and struggling with in the modern world.
Ellis presents this whole picture. To branch off into little details regarding who actually the historical Abraham was misses it.

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