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Hi Everyone!

I think we should take a closer look at ancient herbal and other medicines on a quantum level. Lets take for instance a remedy that no longer works other than the placebo effect, like taking ground up dinosaur bones and other bones.

Some ancient healing may be no more than the placebo effect, but others work and still others maybe used to work but no longer work. The question then must be Why? Why do ancient an ancient remedy that used to work no longer work?

Again as an example I will use the ground up dinosaur bone analogy. Lets examine the past and see if other effects had an effect on the use of a certain remedy, like say radiated dinosaur bones ground up now that has potential to do something, good or bad and I think we should examine the possibility that external effects effected some substances used for a remedy and by studying them we may find new cures.

Was taking radiated dinosaur bones healing some aliment if that were the case? In any case I think it deserves a closer look and re-examination of ancient healing methods in general and also why some may have worked and now don't could lead to breakthroughs.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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