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This is the future of astronomy.

This 26 minute video establishes not only what has been done for the mapping of the Milky Way galaxy, but what YOU CAN DO as a nighttime observer.

This post is not about science, but about ANYBODY'S CONTRIBUTION for the furtherance of modern astronomy. It is a community of stargazers getting involved with the study of our Galaxy, and reporting new sightings of stars with planets. I love astronomy but my work schedule won't allow such activity. So I'm passing it along.

Again, I repeat, this is about YOU THE NIGHTIME STARGAZER AND YOUR INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN HISTORY AND THE FUTURE OF ASTRONOMY. That is a personal development issue on Inner Space. Do you want to make history? Now you can.

Here is the video:


Here is the interactive website of the title OP:


I would add that I would have been an observer with a large computerized telescope, but I must stay on my course for now. Maybe when I'm semi-retired I MAY pursue this. Time will tell.

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