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Hey Stower, can you find any news in the UK on what happened yesterday? I'm coming up pretty dry here in US

Google IP's rerouted to China & Russia

Facebook went down Monday

FB has put out a lame excuse - a test

He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions - Confucius

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The spambot is still spamming. 1121 Martin Stower 13-Nov-18 09:02
Mod Note > Topic Moved 208 Dr. Troglodyte 13-Nov-18 22:04
More halfwitted Korean SPAM 252 Martin Stower 13-Nov-18 09:00
Re: More halfwitted Korean SPAM 230 Audrey 13-Nov-18 18:13
Re: More halfwitted Korean SPAM 229 Martin Stower 13-Nov-18 18:26
Mod Note > Duplicate Topic Merged 221 Dr. Troglodyte 13-Nov-18 22:15
Re: Korean Casino Spam 230 Thanos5150 13-Nov-18 15:16
Re: Korean Casino Spam 225 Audrey 13-Nov-18 17:18
Re: Korean Casino Spam 236 Thanos5150 13-Nov-18 15:18
Re: Korean Casino Spam 211 WhoWeird 14-Nov-18 02:42
Re: Korean Casino Spam 315 D-Archer 15-Nov-18 11:06

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