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Clearly George RR Martin draws heavily from history. I love spotting his re-workings and abstractions of historical events. That's why I'm surprised it took me so long to pick up on his (my opinion) use of mythology as well as the more obvious archetypes. Tyrion's fascial scar should have given it away sooner.

Maybe I'm late to this, has anyone else made these comparisons?

Here are some far from fully thought out links that I have made, with Jungian and Freudian archetypes thrown in.

Tyrion - Scarface - Mars - Ares
Ned Stark - Archetypical father - Jupiter - Zeus - Osiris
Jon Snow - The Self - The Hero - Achilles
Arya - Venus? - Two face - Hestia? - Athena
Littlefinger - Lucifer
Daenerys - Messiah/Destroyer - Isis
Bran - Horus - Apollo - The Divine Child
Catelyn Stark - The Mother - Hera - Gaia? - Mother Earth - Demeter?
Tywin - The Tyrant - Saturn? - Kronus
Sansa - The Maiden - Persephone
Jamie - Dionysus
Cersei - Aphrodite

Joffrey - The Sadist
Rob Stark - The Warrior?
Theon - The Weakling
Varys - The Detached Manipulator - Hermes - Mercury
Brienne - Artemis - Amazon
The Mad king - Poseidon

I realize you can do this with any story, especially a well written saga, but I sense it is much truer or deeper in this work.
Perhaps Martin is a Velikovsky fan.

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