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Hello! I've long been a fan of the Polish artist, Stanislaw Szukalski for quite some years, particularly his work on the collation and 'discovery' of "Protong", the original language of the peoples before the deluge. Szukalski claims, and I entertain the thought, that ancient art contains iconography which is intended to be 're-discovered' as the language of the ancient civilisation which was destroyed by a cataclysm.

I was just wondering if Graham Hancock, or anyone else with a background on ancient art, agrees with Szukalski, and whether or not a re-investigation of his discoveries might be worth the effort? There are certainly aspects of Szukalski which align with everything I've heard Mr. Hancock say about, for example, Easter Island, Gobekli Tepe, Egypt, and so on - that in fact there was an ancient re-building of civilisation after a cataclysm - so I wonder if it might be of interest to discover his works in the Protong language?

(Note: I do not find myself agreeing with everything Szukalski has to say on the subject of ancient civilisations - specifically his position vis a vis Zermatism, and 'the yeti races' - but I would appreciate if a scientific mind with knowledge of his works might pitch in with their opinions, too...)

EDIT: a reference to the book "Behold!! The Protong!", of course, might be useful:


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