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Greetings. In a previous post under 'miscellaneous' it was theorized the time of the Atlantic-borne hurricane that makes landfall in the Gulf of Mexico was past, due to reasons stated. That theory still holds true even though the Gulf of Mexico has seen 'Harvey' in August of 2017 and now 'Gordon'. Hurricane Harvey was a 'man-made' hurricane of gulf origin. This video from the yt channel Weatherwar101, bears this out [www.youtube.com] with an addendum here [www.youtube.com] The current 'hurricane' named 'Gordon' is of similar manufacture. An excellent interview with the creator of Weatherwar101 can be seen here. [www.youtube.com] Visit the Weatherwar101 yt page while it's still up for excellent tutorial videos on how weather modification is accomplished. And No, it has nothing to do with HAARP. There is a dot-com web page, but if one attempts to go to it there will be attacks by malware. Go figure.

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hurricanes; evidence of magnetic pole shift? Part Deux 1327 globalavenger 04-Sep-18 13:24

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