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muppedo Wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm no fan of the Donald at all, but where he wins
> is exactly as RJ says
> <Chaos is part of his battle model.>
> He's like a Sun Ztu of today's times, knowing how
> to misrepresent and misinform via simple
> tweets,preaching "truth" to his acolytes who hang
> on to his meanings
> His greatest achievement is to persuade his
> enemies that he is thick as two planks.
> If they carry on thinking that, he will get a
> second term when he suddenly "chrysalises" into a
> new presidential candidate.
> Peter

Well it’s clear he can run the long con but I’m certain past investors would disagree that it’s an act and your "chrysalises" theory sounds suspiciously similar to what voters said of him as a candidate.

It’s rare that a party holds the majority over all branches of government and what I see as an opportunity squandered is apparently an unmitigated success?



In April 2006, Trump announced that, after years in the real estate business, he was launching a mortgage company. He held a glitzy press conference at which his son Donald Jr. predicted that Trump Mortgage would soon be the nation’s No. 1 home-loan lender. Trump told CNBC, “Who knows more about financing than me?” Apparently, plenty. Within a year and a half, Trump Mortgage had closed shop. The would-be lending powerhouse was done in by timing (the housing market cratered in 2007) and ironically enough, given Trump’s Apprentice TV show, poor hiring. The executive Trump selected to run his loan company, E.J. Ridings, claimed to have been a top executive at a prestigious investment bank. In reality, Ridings’ highest role on Wall Street was as a registered broker, a position he held for a mere six days.

Donald Trump’s gambles don’t always go as planned. Especially when that gamble is gambling itself. In February 2009, Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the third time in a row — an extremely rare feat in American business. The casino company, founded in the 1980s, runs the Taj Mahal, the Trump Plaza and the Trump Marina. All three casinos are located in Atlantic City, N.J., where the gambling industry has faced a decline in tourists who prefer gambling in Pennsylvania and Connecticut instead. Trump defended himself by distancing himself from the company, though he owned 28% of its stock. “Other than the fact that it has my name on it — which I’m not thrilled about — I have nothing to do with the company,” he said. He resigned from Trump Entertainment soon after that third filing, and in August of that year he, along with an affiliate of Beal Bank Nevada, agreed to buy the company for $100 million. The company reported it emerged from bankruptcy in July 2010

Donald Trump was featured on the June 2007 cover of the Sharper Image catalog hunched over a platter of meat to kick off his line of premium steaks that he dubbed the “world’s greatest.” The company has since been discontinued—maybe it had something to do with the Trump Steakhouse in Las Vegas being closed down in 2012 for 51 health code violations, including serving five-month old duck.

Sorry but the only "winning" Donald has done is being born at the right time in the right place with the right father.


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