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Or, the emperor wears no clothes except for oversized, baggy Space Force boxers with rocket ships and ray guns on them.

I was listening to a CBC comedy news show this morning and they were savagely mocking Trump and I thought, why not? Why can't we showcase the lunacy and sheer absurdity of a Trump presidency on a site that presorts to be about rigorous free speech.

In this vane, I thought those of us who desire should have our own thread where we can get it off our chest without offending the sensibilities of the general GV population. Trumpers are welcome to participate but must keep in mind this is a thread for Liberals, pinkos, commies and leftards to have their say on a hopefully funny but mocking way and maybe blow off steam and get it out of our system so we can conduct ourselves in way that is not mean or hurtful over on global village.

Please feel free to post videos from Colbert, Seth Meyers, TYT or any other source you find particularly amusing.

I'll start:

at a commemoration for ICE and the California Border Patrol (CBP) Trump repeatedly called the CBP the CBC which amused the folks at our public broadcaster to no end in their continuing effort to keep America safe from terrorists and immigrants.


Moron can't tell the difference between a police agency and a publicly funded, arch-liberal propaganda machine.
*gleefully plagiarized from CBC comedy news show BecauseNews

You'd think Pence or one of his handlers would have nudged him or held up a card saying "IT'S CBP, YOU IDIOT!
but no.

And this man is president of the most powerful nation on Earth!

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