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How cool is it to be us, hey? We, who play at being us by having so much time to do things in, so many things we can pay attention to or distract ourselves with, at least a roof over our heads and food in our belly, a computer to play on, our education within us, people we know and can interact with, the ability to know what we seek out or accidentally pay attention to, and things we can care about or ignore.

We have so much choice in our privileged position of being here...it sometimes makes me forget that I am able to walk away from it all and just go for a wander by a river near my home and forget who I am as my senses immerse me into the surroundings.

I can forget about the homeless and hungry, although I tried to implement a strategy of having first bicycles allowed in the drive-throughs of fast food restaurants where we paid for our food, and then walk-throughs for the last half-hour of their trading hours where the homeless and hungry were given food that would otherwise be thrown out or was paid-forward for them. It failed because of two reasons: people aren’t interested in staging world-wide ‘ride-throughs’ to block restaurants for just one hour; I listened to quite a few who told me it couldn’t be done, organising such a thing, and gave up...for the now.

I can forget about the coast directly east of me where I was going to move to not long ago, which is now blazing in flames again and making me wonder what I would be doing now if I had moved there...and forget about most of my country going through yet another wide-spread drought...and forget about Indonesia and its current round of earthquakes...and India and its once-in-a-century monsoons flooding so much...and America’s west coast and its own fires...and north Africa’s migrants trying to get to Europe...and South America’s migrants trying to get to North America...and pockets of wars and fighting and bloodshed here and there all over the place, not just in strife-torn countries but even in Western Civilisation countries...and droughts and starvation and diseases and religious persecution and ethnic cleansing and trade-wars and heads-of-state trying to stamp their egos upon each other’s foreheads that itch with fear and revenge in sleep.

I can forget about the part-time job I’ve just started that has me doing what I did when a child...and the other part-time job I’m trying to get that has me combining everything else I have ever done as work..and the jobs I have had and haven’t gone for and where I am and where I could have been and what I have and what I don’t have and who I am and who I am not.

I can forget it all and just be...for a time...until my surroundings show me that they are not me while I try to be just one of them...and I am not any of them while they try to be me...and all of sudden I am surrounded by so much and I am so small and my feet are somewhat unsteady on solid ground and I don’t know whether I should keep going forward or turn around and go back...and my peripheral vision sees so much in front while my awareness knows so much of behind and I am still here and I cannot just disappear.

Right then...right that very moment...right when I realise what I have always known...I wonder...not what I can do but what I should do.

And I smile: I’ll do what I’ve always done, but this time with a little more effort.

I’ll do the very best I can in the very next moment I find myself in.

And just talking about it in a place like this isn’t going to do squat because you do most of the above too, and how much you distract yourselves by distracting me is all because we have both needed it for a certain amount of time.

No more for me.

Goodbye, and thanks for the memories.

You get what you give

No-one expects a Spanish Inquisition

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