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Pete has been here longer than a major portion of the contributors here..... While everyone here has been disrespectful at times....he has been lesser than most...by a lot. Watching threads when he was threatened with FBI intervention...called the normal racist, bigot, and misogynist because no real argument can be made other than name calling.... It's getting way over the top....

Pete brought recorded temps, dates, and locations to a thread....someone called him an asshole....because reasons?

...Im sure someone will call him racist in the thread...I don't know...I stopped reading.....

For the last 17-18 years I've been here, I've seen a lot of stuff...Including Pete's trips to the middle east...his own personal journey with them....Yours's....My god I get the books and Hot Takes against established historians...

But Pete? Seriously? Called every name under the book to offend sensibilities?

I said on another thread that the reason some of the progressive's won't post as much as they used to was because they can't answer.. but it sure does seem like the one's that do....Troll with name calling that is nothing but hatefull.

Graham.....seriously....at this point....ban me....(I can/will read anyway)…...but you have had a dedicated learner here longer than I, that is being sooooo abused by some jerks!!!

Seriously! Can you chime in?

(Someone call me a duplicate account.....I will embarrass and make your mom's ears bleed with what I can say)

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