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Hi Everyone!

I am proposing that the bible gives us insight to past power of Shiva Linga's in the scripture on Elijah & the prophets of Baal.

I propose that the old alter that Elijah rebuilt may have been an ancient Shiva Linga. He stacked 12 stones, not a true Lingam the 12 stacked stones in the center and we knew this because when the water poured over it surrounded the alter & sacrifice and filled the ditch, sure sounds like a primitive Shiva Linga.

Because of the Flood & I propose a mantle pole shift combined with the movement of the continents over the mantle and procession wrecked the power they were using, because of their sins, the same as he spread the people out/moved or created continents, their strength as well as the electromagnetic field strength that changed due to a speed change in the spin of the planet.

Even though the Shiva Ling's will not work as they did when created, they still focus energy. God lead him to do as instructed, God knew that at sunrise and sunset the energy would be strongest, and the old alter was in the most conductive place to focus the energy, and maybe there were other factors such as the activity of the sun, and position of other planets that could have all been needed to supply the power to do what we Followers of Jesus know by Faith happened.

This dose not take away from God, remember satan uses the things of God and twist and distorts them. Gods Power how ever he supplies it is always good, but with mans freewill he can abuse it, and it dose not mean all that was involved was from the lawless one, but is a twisted version of Gods Plan.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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