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The 11-11 event in Japan featured a slow drain of ocean water off shore with a small boat caught in it circling toward the center.

Japan's underlying structure features a wealth of Lava Tubes!

Were those tubes moving water from the ocean to some unknown location underground?

Steam is a powerful force .... lava and water are explosive!
Heavy rains after a drought will cause quakes in California, related a N. CA realtor of some 40+ years experience.

There are videos of water leaving beaches here there and other places ... some of them equitorial!!

☆If the land is going to be resculpted in some momentous time upcoming, is water disappearing in readiness for such an event?

I have read "Earth tilt" as a reason, but that would move waters equally along a very, very long line, and pile them up deep somewhere else! There have not been any somewhere else locations coming up on YouTube which I have seen!!

One section of the Mississippi actually has done the vanishing act, too . . . But the limestone caves under those areas of the the Eastern US could swallow the Mississippi without difficulty, so that is not so worrysome as entire coastal areas going dry without a returning tsunamii. Or matching areas flooding.

Something is oddly amiss!

Any other explanations about?

Breath is the courser and
Mind is the rider.

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