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For those who can do it, do you find it works better when you are alone or with someone who trusts you in what you are doing, as compared to being amid folk who don't believe in it all?

I have heard of various folk who dowse new wells and they do it by themselves where even the owner of the property isn't allowed nearby or within sight of the exploration. Same with 'competitions' where very few of the greats are ever present let alone participate because of all the 'odd vibes' around...it puts folk off being able to do their thing.

It kind of says the same thing with psi experiments where even a mostly secluded room has its downside when those observing the tests are skeptical which affects the person participating...more wrongs than rights in the outcomes, even with random number generators being the only 'thing' other than the participant, no matter the results that show a lean towards right-guessing being higher than random-guessing.

Do you feel more comfortable and able when alone?

The ravages of war slowly give way to nature's wonders.

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