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Hi Everyone!

I am proposing a design for a wheel within a wheel antigravity device. You start with a mental picture of the typical wheel within a wheel design, like one bicycle tire within another at 90 degree's. I propose you add your center section for occupation by humans for flight as well as the mechanism that drives the crafts field generation & phases.

At rest it looks like a wheel within a wheel with a sphere suspended in the center wheel. The resting state has the sphere within a sphere retracted into center post or wheel. Once opened up to reveal it's like a wire sphere within sphere design. The two outer sphere's counter rotate around the center solid sphere. ok now you have the counter rotating fields, we want the negative fields on the outside with the positive on the inner stationary craft. Your conductor will be center with outer two frames made of magnetically doped material.

Now you can change the speed and power of the fields which gives you some control, but we need and want more. Now the top and bottom of each counter rotating negative field spheres can be adjusted by counter rotating the top from bottom on the two outer sphere's to cause standard straight magnetic field lines into spiral counter rotating negative sphere's giving even more control of the phase and strength as well as control over the toroidal currents that you will use to guide the craft in flight.

When you come to rest you realign and retract the framework of the outer two wheels into the center frame of both, where you can exit you craft safely.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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